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Tips from the Team

The surroundings of Warnemünde also have a lot to offer. To the west, the “white city” of Heiligendamm, to the east, the national park on the Darß/Zingst peninsula. From there, a day trip to Hiddensee? We know how.

Enchanting, eerie, magical…
Whether on foot or by bike, it must be experienced. A beautiful piece of nature with a great view of the sea. My tip: The atmosphere is most beautiful when the sun is a little lower.

From the two observation platforms, you have the most beautiful panoramic view of Warnemünde, Rostock, and the Baltic Sea.
The ascent of the 135 steps is worthwhile. Open daily from Easter Saturday until early October. My tip: During the peak season, pay attention to the departure times of the cruise ships. Watching the liners sail away from the tower is truly unique.

A typical, small, lovingly designed fisherman and sailor’s house. You don’t need much time, but you learn and see a lot about the history of Warnemünde (from its beginnings to the present) and its people. So it’s worth a visit not only in bad weather.
My tip: Be sure to visit the backyard of the local museum, where a small enchanted garden is hidden.

The entire facility and enclosures are beautifully designed. The highlights of the zoo are the Darwineum, which features a large evolution exhibition and a tropical hall for primates, as well as the Polarium, home to polar bears and penguins.
My tip: Visit the zoo in spring. There are so many baby animals to see and a wonderful display of blossoms.

Surrounded by hundreds of native and exotic plants, you can take a leisurely stroll, do yoga, sit on a bench and read a book in peace, or have a small picnic here. Admission is free.
My tip: It is especially beautiful in May when the entrance area is adorned with splendid blooming Japanese cherry blossoms.

A special experience is a day trip from Warnemünde to Zingst on Darß/Zingst with a ferry connection to Hiddensee. You will arrive at the Vitte harbor and can explore the car-free island of Hiddensee. Prefer a direct connection from Warnemünde? We are happy to call a water taxi for you!

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