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Tips from the Team

A delicious cake from Café Röntgen? Or some quick errands at the nearby Edeka? What does the city center of Rostock offer for a shopping afternoon? These are our shopping highlights.

Well-located supermarket in the heart of Warnemünde. Fun fact: This Edeka is particularly frequented by cruise ship employees and is one of the markets with the highest sales per square meter in Germany.

Kirchenplatz 3 | 18119 Warnemünde

A small, very elegant store with an exclusive selection of spirits. Tastings are regularly held.

Friedrich-Franz-Straße 42 | 18119 Warnemünde

Founded in 2015 as the first brewery in Warnemünde, the beer is still handcrafted in small batches with love, following the German purity law: malt crushed, aroma and bitter hops selected, yeast activated, the fresh beer hand-filled into bottles, corked, labeled, and stamped – Craft Beer “handcrafted”, using traditional methods.

Alexandrinenstraße 49 | 18119 Rostock

The Saturday market in Warnemünde is located at Kirchenplatz and is open every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm. The market offers a variety of products including fruits and vegetables, cheese, bread and baked goods, meat and sausage products, flowers, grilled chicken, organic products, fresh poultry, olives & delicatessen, and eggs.

The Conditorei Röntgen is located right next to our hotel. The interior may be a bit outdated, but the cakes have been particularly delicious for many years.

Seestraße 5 | 18119 Rostock

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