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Tips from the Team

What we particularly like about Warnemünde

Our team stays updated with the latest offers in Warnemünde and constantly expands their knowledge. Feel free to reach out to us – we’re here to assist you! Planning a special evening at a gourmet restaurant? We can help coordinate your reservation. Below, we have compiled our recommendations and ideas for you. Discover our favorite restaurants, activities we truly enjoy, and stunning bike tours.

Our Favorite Restaurants

Warnemünde offers a wide variety of traditional and individually unique restaurants. Dinner right on the beach with a relaxed cocktail afterwards? Michelin-starred cuisine in Warnemünde? Here are our favorites.


A delicious cake from Café Röntgen? Or some quick errands at the nearby Edeka? What does the city center of Rostock offer for a shopping afternoon? These are our shopping highlights.

Water Sports in Summer

In summer, water sports take center stage in all activities in Warnemünde. Learn to surf in a crash course? Finally get the sailing license you never managed to? Here you will find our water sports guide.

Sightseeing & Excursions

The surroundings of Warnemünde also have a lot to offer. To the west, the “white city” of Heiligendamm, to the east, the national park on the Darß/Zingst peninsula. From there, a day trip to Hiddensee? We know how.

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